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Colleen, Executive Director
Today's guest blogger is Colleen Kelly, Executive Director of Volunteer Vancouver. This topic is near and dear to my heart, as I work on a program to create learning and networking opportunities for the next leaders of Vancouver's not-for-profit sector through our Next Leaders Network. It's a completely selfish effort, as I think I might be one of these "next leaders", and certainly don't know exactly how or when the "next" may turn into "current". Perhaps it has already?
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Virginia Edelstein, Program Director
I recently read Malcolm Gladwell's newest book, Outliers. And I'll start this post by noting that I am a fan of The Tipping Point and never got around to Blink. I read the book because I agreed to present the material to a workshop, and talk about how to apply Gladwell's theories to the not-for-profit sector. Being a cynic, I contemplated getting up in the front of the room and saying "you can't" and sitting down.
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Virginia Edelstein, Program Director
Do you talk about knowledge transfer at your office? We certainly do at Volunteer Vancouver. We actually offer training to other organizations on how to create a continuity of leadership among their staff, but that doesn't exactly solve the problem of what's in my head and how to get that out and put it in someone else's.
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Virginia Edelstein, Program Director
Somewhere in my meanderings through the internet today, I came across an incredibly thought provoking post by Sidney Hargro on the future of the not-for-profit sector and how we should react to the recession in positive ways. Hargro poses three critical questions we as a sector should be contemplating:
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Virginia Edelstein, Program Director
So the conference is wrapping up and I have enjoyed myself immensely. Except for the aforementioned heat. But anyway. One aspect of this conference that is both interesting and different than other conferences I've attended is the backdrop of the economic crisis. 


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