BOSS Presenter FAQs

BOSS: Building Organizational and Sector Sustainability BC One-Day Not-For-Profit Leadership Conference Presenter FAQs

1. As a presenter, will I need to register for the conference?

No, presenters are granted complimentary registration

2. Will the BOSS Team cover any other conference-related expenses for presenters?

No, the BOSS Team does not cover any other conference-related expenses for presenters. As a not-for-profit, Vantage Point is unable to provide assistance for travel or lodging including taxes and fees on all travel expenses to presenters. Presenters are responsible for their own travel and lodging expenses.

3. Can I invite a co-presenter to my session?

Yes however, as we have limited complementary registrations, therefore, the co-presenter would be required to pay for a BOSS ticket.

4. When will I be informed if my proposal has been accepted?

A BOSS team member will email you by Friday June 2nd, 2017.

5. When is the last possible date I can submit changes to the information about my presentation?

The final date to submit edits to abstracts is June 30, 2017. Any changes submitted after that date will not be included in the printed “Schedule at a Glance” and may or may not be updated on the website. Any changes to presenter bios, session descriptions, etc. must be submitted no later than June 30, 2017.

6. Does Vantage Point & the BOSS Team require a final paper submission?

No, the BOSS Team does not require a final paper submission. Your presentation is your final product. However, we require presenters to submit a final presentation by September 5, 2017 so that it is available to conference attendees. This material, along with the full abstract and information about the presenters, becomes part of the conference materials that remain on the website.

7. Does the BOSS Team provide laptops for presenters to use? Y

es, each room is equipped with a projector, PC laptop running Windows, microphones will be supplied as needed in larger rooms, wireless presenter remote and a screen. Presenters should plan to provide their own additional specialized equipment (e.g. speakers or MAC accessories) at a personal cost.

8. Who would I ask if I needed technical help during my presentation?

Each session will have a room ambassador who will introduce themselves to you before your session. They will report technical issues to the AV manager and clean the room at the end of the session.

9. May I bring hand-outs for my presentation?

Due to the number of presentations, we are unable to make photocopies of any presentation materials, either onsite or prior to the conference. We encourage you to submit your presentation and any support materials to post on If you feel you must provide handouts during your presentation, we recommend bringing at least 50 copies. If there are extra handouts, you may bring them to the Registration Desk and they will be displayed for others to pick-up.

10. Do you provide flip charts in the presentation rooms?

Flipcharts are provided for workshop presenters on request only; otherwise they will not be provided with all presentation rooms. However, we recommend that you start a Word document and project it as your “flip chart” and then share it as a Google doc with any participants who want access after your presentation.

11. May I promote my session on Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms?

Yes! Let’s work together to create some buzz about your participation in this conference! Please promote your own presentation as well as the conference in general to your colleagues and social networks. The Vantage Point’s twitter handle is @vantagepnt; the hashtag for this conference is #BOSS2017. Feel free to create hashtags for your own presentation as well. We also suggest you post hashtags at the start of your session and encourage attendees to use them.

12. What should I do when I arrive at the conference?

Check in and pickup your name badge at the conference registration desk.

13. How can I share my conference materials and use social media with my presentation?

It is becoming increasingly common for conference participants to document and disseminate the information shared in conference sessions through social media. We are requesting that you help them (and us) capture, credit, and amplify your message more effectively and accurately. Here are some best practices and ideas for your consideration: 

Include your Twitter handle and conference hashtag on each slide. If you do not have a Twitter handle, consider including an affiliated program or organization. Doing so benefits you in several ways. First, it provides session attendees with an easy way to give you credit for your ideas.

Second, it allows you to monitor what attendees are tweeting about in your session. Be explicit (in advance) about things you don’t want shared beyond the room. If there are a few ideas within your talk that are sensitive in nature, make that clear to your audience.

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