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Understand your lifecycle stage and develop your organization’s internal capacity.

Whether you are in start-up or maturity (or anything in between), Nonprofit Lifecycles consulting works specifically with your organization to collaboratively identify your stage, and develop concrete steps you can take to immediately build your organization’s capacity.

Understanding your organization’s lifecycle stage allows you to pin point your exact growing pains and determine your next steps in capacity development

Benefits of the Lifecycles Approach

Based on Susan Kenny Steven's thirty years of expertise and research, Nonprofit Lifecycles enables you to understand your organization’s lifecycle stage, informing your next steps in capacity development.

  • Gain the vocabulary to understand “where you are” and put your challenges in perspective
  • Identify your organizational lifecycle stage and the common opportunities and challenges associated with it
  • Identify concrete steps you can take immediately to build your organization’s capacity in governance, management, financial resources and/or administrative systems
  • Understand how to talk to funders about where you are and what you need to move forward
  • Depersonalize management, staff and board limitations

The Lifecycles Solution

We can support and inspire your board to achieving excellence in governance management, financial resources and/or administrative systems through a three-hour or full-day customized sessions that:

  • Explores capacity from a stage-based perspective and sets realistic expectations accordingly
  • Collaboratively identifies your organizational lifecycle stage
  • Determine concrete steps to build organizational capacity
  • Learn the benefits of applying this model to improve your mission and program delivery

With Vantage Point’s Not-For-Profit Lifecycles offerings, you will focus your organizational planning and capacity building efforts on activities that offer the greatest impact.

Start building a strong organization today!

For more information on lifecycles consulting servies and pricing contact:

Carla Koulas
Capacity Development Lead
(604) 637-8297

t: 604 875 9144
f: 604 875 0710
1183 Melville Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 2X5


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