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Today we have a new blog. You may not have noticed – the cosmetic changes are slight - but the back-end structure allows for knowledge sharing that is more tailored for the audience (that’s you!). Our new blog is an example of the overflowing cup of knowledge philanthropists eager to lend their time and talent to an organization just like yours. 

You see, the real story here isn’t our new blog. It’s that proactively searching for volunteer talent sometimes results in more expertise streaming your way than you thought possible. 

Five months ago Sandy Sethi responded to our Blog Design Dynamo...

What if not-for-profit leaders embraced the idea that people, more than money, are the key to creating change in our communities? 

This sector is full of leaders who see opportunity all around them. I call them “glass-half-full” kind of people.  Talk to them about their cause and they are passionate, innovative and positive. But begin to talk with about the day-to-day work and these same people sigh and say: “if only we had enough money to do all the things we want to do”. The thing is, we never will. That glass will always be half empty.

What if instead we said, “Ah-ha! We can have enough...

By Jennifer Carreiro, Customer Relations Specialist & Guest Contrbutor Erik Talkin, Executive Director, Foodbank of Santa Barbara County

At Vantage Point, we're all about leadership. It's front and centre in our mission, and we’ve been thinking lately about how effective we are at communicating our culture of leadership to those we engage as internal and external talent.

So, when we came across a post on this topic from our friends at the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County, we had to share. This excerpt from the Foodbank of Santa Barbara's blog is a letter their executive director, Erik...

Last month’s post, Off to the Races, was the first blog (of many to come) for our new book. We have made good progress since then – largely because we have taken a different approach.

It won’t be a surprise for those who know us well to hear that this race is actually a team relay! We are very lucky to have both excellent salaried employees and outstanding knowledge philanthropists as part of our relay team. In fact, there are more than 40 people already actively engaged. People are contributing to our Book Task Force, Book Leadership Team, and several Review Crews. A number of people are...

**Second in a series relating to a recent “experiment” in succession planning

On a boat, it’s critical to know who’s in charge of the vessel and the crew. A clear line of command determines who makes the final call on a multitude of decisions at sea. People’s lives depend on it.

My husband has sailed since he was a child and on our boat he is our fearless Captain. He even has a hat with the title on it in case I dare to forget. He takes his responsibilities very seriously. He understands that ultimately, in whatever we’re facing, it’s his call – always. He’ll ask my advice along the way but I...

A different type of inspiration came my way today.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend a Vantage Point workshop about ‘Board Basics’.

Vantage Point is a Vancouver-based not-for-profit organization whose strapline is “the talent will take you there”. Using leadership coaching, development, workshops and governance labs, Vantage Point supports not-for-profit leaders to deliver their strategy by rethinking the way they engage ‘talent’ i.e. their people. All their people. Those who are paid, and those that are paid in other ways.

In fact, I am a perfect example of how they’re using...

Returning to Vantage Point after my recent “secondment” to the political arena, I expected to slide right back into business as usual. I thought I would pick up exactly where I left off.

Sure, I had a new desk. A few new colleagues. My role had changed… but how different could things really be? I had only been away for five months!

Don’t get me wrong. I knew I had learned a lot on my “sabbatical”. But it took me a few weeks to realize how much my perspective had changed. I found myself regularly questioning the status quo. Things that seemed so straightforward last year, I now have doubts...

Did you know we’re writing a book? Tomorrow I share the first draft of chapter one (titled: What is a People Lens?) and two (titled: Why does it Matter?) with 20 people from Vantage Point’s external talent team. I’ve spent a year preparing for this moment – and feel both nervous and excited.

This feeling reminds me of when I was a teen-ager and I spent many hours at the race track with my dad driving his horses. He raised and raced standardbreds in Regina. Over the cold winter months I drove them - Wisp, Tide, and Ricolleen - to name a few. My job was all about preparation. Getting them ready...

In a world where everything is changing rapidly, the old rules no longer apply.  The structures, strategies and processes that once created successful organizations are not sustainable today. You’ve heard the refrain – funding is disappearing, we don’t have enough money, there aren’t enough volunteers. We know things aren’t working. And yet, we remain attached to the status quo and traditional ways of doing things. Change is difficult and uncomfortable – and we resist it.

Recently, Chip Wilson (founder of Lululemon) challenged 600 people at a Public Salon to re-examine their personal status quo...

You have to keep close to keep warm. The further away you move, the less connected you feel to the warmth. A member of one of our Task Forces recently used this analogy to explain how critical it was for us to stay close to our Vantage Point people.

And keep them close to our Camp Fire - our mission. Wherever they are.

Do you stay close to your people in your organization? Do you communicate regularly with the members of your Board? Your internal people teams? Your external people teams? Your investors? Your community? Do they stay close to your mission because they know you?

About five years...


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