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In June, Stats Canada released the Canada Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating (CSGVP). Side note: as a reformed American, I just love the name of this federal office, like it’s “all stats on all subjects all the time”. A smorgasbord of information – love it! I don’t know if the US has one, but they should.

This report assesses volunteerism across Canada and also breaks those stats down into provincial overviews. And I have to note that the statistics we’re discussing are based on data collected in 2007. Not sure what that time lag is about in this age of real-time information, but...

There are a lot of ways to define a vantage point. Generally, I think of it as a good place to get good perspective. For me, perspective is the blending of fact and intuition – making a vantage point something more than just the best view 

(I’ve got aclear sight of the Twilight 2 cast at my table at Glowbal!), but more of the true view (isn’t most of the cast under the legal drinking age?!).

For Volunteer Vancouver, Vantage Point is our issue-based newsletter, around since 1995. Rather than a typical newsletter announcing events or advertising our services, Vantage Point is a collection of...


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