10 Things Working Boards Need to Know (Webinar)

*Pre-recorded Webinar*

Strong governance for the unique reality of working boards.

Your organization is all-volunteer, or has a few staff, and your board members fill operational roles in addition to governance. You are one of the many BC not-for-profit organizations operating as a working board.

10 Things Working Boards Need to Know is designed to illuminate key information that members of working boards can bring back to their organizations in order to maximize their resources and amplify their impact.

In this pre-recorded webinar, you will learn strategies to design strong governance practices and meetings, build robust team dynamics and engage stakeholders that reflect the unique operating reality of working boards.

Suggested Participants:

Board members and senior volunteers of working boards.

Program Details:

Cost: $25.00
Facilitator: Carol Neuman, Director of Learning

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this webinar, you will begin to:

  • Explain key governance requirements experienced by working boards Identify strategies to strengthen team dynamics, including healthy conflict, role clarity and time managemen/li>
  • Understand techniques to evaluate the potential of opportunities, relationships and projects to increase organizational impact

Drawing on real world case studies, research and examples, participants will learn strategies to:

  • design strong governance practices and meetings;
  • build robust team dynamics; and>
  • engage stakeholders that reflect the unique operating reality of working boards.

Topics Covered

  • Prioritizing time for governance and capacity building
  • Understanding individual board member roles and accountabilities
  • Adopting organizational systems to allow the team to flourish>
  • Preparing your team for new community engagement strategies


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