Welcome to our Year of Abundance

Over the coming 12 months we will begin to translate our approach to abundance into a practical roadmap for change.

It has been three years since we published The Abundant Not-for-Profit and issued a call to action to the not-for-profit sector: focus on abundance, not scarcity... And we've updated our philosophy. 

Abundance is a culture of confidence and possibility with a belief that openness to new ideas and diverse resources will enable organizations to achieve transformational change. Abundance is not a destination or a management philosophy but a reflection of what we do in our organizations, and how we do it.

Every month, we will share regular podcasts, resources, new tools, and organizational self-assessments to support you to seize the endless potential of resources you have at hand, whether money, talent, or ideas.

A year of tools, tactics, resources, assessments and learning for not-for-profit leaders, executive directors, board members and employes

Year of Abundance: 12 months of practical tools for not-for-profit leaders -- Shared Leadership



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