August 2009

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Do you talk about knowledge transfer at your office?

We certainly do at Volunteer Vancouver. We actually offer training to other organizations on how to create a continuity of leadership among their staff, but that doesn't exactly solve the problem of what's in my head and how to get that out and put it in someone else's.

Knowledge transfer is a tough topic, and I find it's hard to find "experts" on knowledge transfer. Often people start to talk about IT systems when you mention knowledge transfer, but it's more than that to me. Knowledge isn't someone's phone number and alma mater - it's why...

I recently read Malcolm Gladwell's newest book, Outliers. And I'll start this post by noting that I am a fan of The Tipping Point and never got around to Blink. I read the book because I agreed to present the material to a workshop, and talk about how to apply Gladwell's theories to the not-for-profit sector. Being a cynic, I contemplated getting up in the front of the room and saying "you can't" and sitting down.

Because this presentation was to be attended by my boss, I decided not to do this. But here is what I essentially think of this book: like many other reviewers I've found online...

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