October 2009

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If you're following this blog regularly, then you know I haven't posted in a while. I've been in transition as I move to Minneapolis, Minnesota and take up residence. And yet, here I am, from Minneapolis, writing this blog. I'm paid to write this blog; it's part of my job description.

"So how does that work?", you may ask. Well, I am continuing to work for Volunteer Vancouver on contract, remotely. And pretty part-time. Which leads me to today's topic of buses, employment and work. At Volunteer Vancouver we are very dedicated to getting the "right people on the bus", as Jim Collins tell us...

Today's guest blogger is one of our extraordinary volunteers, Suzanne Boyd - who blogs here.  Suzanne is an HR professional - and one of those incredibly smart, lively and engaged people that makes me feel a little bit inadequate in the best possible way. Suzanne facilitates training for Volunteer Vancouver. In this case, she was the presenter at a Books for Breakfast event. For more information on that program, check out the propaganda at the bottom of this post.

Building Your Organization to Change

Guest blog by Suzanne Boyd
Partner, Noverra Consulting & Capital Partners

Several months...

So I have embarked on what is supposed to be a life-transforming health journey. Namely, a program at a gym where everyone is already totally fit and hot (that always kind of irks me) that requires I work out from 6-7 am SIX DAYS A WEEK! In addition, we get nutrition counseling and sign up to follow a relatively strict regimen of food. All of this for eight weeks.

If you know me, you're saying that I don't need to diet. And you're pretty much right. But I do need to change my eating habits. Ever met the kid that grew up on sugary cereal and no veggies? That's me. And now I'm just the adult...

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