November 2009

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Shakespeare tells usthat a "rose by any other name smells as sweet". So I'm excited to introduce today's guest blogger, Lynda Gerty, who discusses the importance of identity and names. Lynda is the Manager of Marketing & Communications at Volunteer Vancouver. Read on to understand the cross out.

This summer, I dreamed and schemed my way into an extended leave from work in order to explore the highways and back roads of our neighbour to the south. The trip took me 12,000 kilometres across the northern US, down the Mississippi River, across Texas into New Mexico, and finally back to the...

I spent time this month at a conference hosted by the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits and the Minnesota Council on Foundations. 1800 attendees! Who says professional development budgets are dead?!

I was struck by the realization that I am a conference lover. Now I know some of you are not, and with reason, but I heart conferences. Not for the crappy food or overly long and useless awards ceremonies, but for the time to sit back and actually think. The opportunity to learn from others.

Sadly, in the not-for-profit sector, I think there is too little of this happening. Think about it - is it...

Today's guest blogger, Jennifer Sweeney, is one of the most active and dedicated volunteers I've ever met.  She is a tireless community builder and a value to any organization with which she works. I asked Jennifer to talk about her experience attending our recent Leadership Series Workshop with author and management guru Peter Brinckerhoff. Jennifer shares the key points from Brinckerhoff's materials here. Certainly many great lessons were learned. And a reminder that we all need to start from mission - always - is a good one.

The Mission Statement - Your Most Valuable Resource
By Jennifer...

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