September 2011

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Maria recently wrote about the vision (“why?”) and mission (“what?”) of our organization. We strive to have those concepts always at the forefront of our thinking at Vantage Point. We know their importance. And we know many organizations are struggling with clearly defining their vision and mission. But what we have come to realize over the course of the summer (as the days dwindle down…) is: the place we most love to work with other organizations is on how they deliver their mission.

And the more clarity the people in the organization have about their “why” and “what”, the more enticing it is...

As the kids go back to school, and a “new year” begins for many people, Boards of Directors are reconvening and renewing their shared passion for their organizations. As they plan for the future, many will be highly aware of the major changes that are happening in the community sector.

For instance, a huge changeover in our workforce is afoot. In all sectors. The recent “Daring to Lead” report outlines some of the implications of that changeover for not-for-profit organizations in the US. Like their counterparts south of the border, many of the Boards of Directors we work with face the...

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