October 2011

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We are very excited Canada's Governor General is focusing on community engagement!

We have worked with volunteers, and in the field of volunteer leadership for years. So we have huge belief in the concept, and agree volunteering is part of being Canadian. Like the Governor General, we see the way people want to be engaged in their communities is changing – and a new definition of volunteering is required.  How wonderful to see a public figure insist on this so passionately.

Sure, it is still about neighbour helping neighbour (if you live in a location long enough to get to know them!) and...

Pop Quiz.

The greatest value to a not-for-profit from partnering with business is:
a. The money
b. I don't know - I don't do partnerships
c. Good catering and nice meeting rooms
d. The scale of impact
In her paper, A Helping Hand or a Hijacking? How Nonprofits Can Respond to Ever-Increasing Corporate Involvement in the Community, Bea Boccalandro argues corporate-community partnerships have the potential to amplify our current scope of impact "hundreds, maybe thousands of times over."

So why has the not-for-profit sector yet to capitalize on the immense scale of the corporate sector by...


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