June 2012

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Did you know we’re writing a book? Tomorrow I share the first draft of chapter one (titled: What is a People Lens?) and two (titled: Why does it Matter?) with 20 people from Vantage Point’s external talent team. I’ve spent a year preparing for this moment – and feel both nervous and excited.

This feeling reminds me of when I was a teen-ager and I spent many hours at the race track with my dad driving his horses. He raised and raced standardbreds in Regina. Over the cold winter months I drove them - Wisp, Tide, and Ricolleen - to name a few. My job was all about preparation. Getting them ready...

Returning to Vantage Point after my recent “secondment” to the political arena, I expected to slide right back into business as usual. I thought I would pick up exactly where I left off.

Sure, I had a new desk. A few new colleagues. My role had changed… but how different could things really be? I had only been away for five months!

Don’t get me wrong. I knew I had learned a lot on my “sabbatical”. But it took me a few weeks to realize how much my perspective had changed. I found myself regularly questioning the status quo. Things that seemed so straightforward last year, I now have doubts...

A different type of inspiration came my way today.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend a Vantage Point workshop about ‘Board Basics’. Vantage Point is a Vancouver-based not-for-profit organization whose strapline is “the talent will take you there”. Using leadership coaching, development, workshops and governance labs, Vantage Point supports not-for-profit leaders to deliver their strategy by rethinking the way they engage ‘talent’ i.e. their people. All their people. Those who are paid, and those that are paid in other ways.

In fact, I am a perfect example of how they’re using...

**Second in a series relating to a recent “experiment” in succession planning

On a boat, it’s critical to know who’s in charge of the vessel and the crew. A clear line of command determines who makes the final call on a multitude of decisions at sea. People’s lives depend on it.

My husband has sailed since he was a child and on our boat he is our fearless Captain. He even has a hat with the title on it in case I dare to forget. He takes his responsibilities very seriously. He understands that ultimately, in whatever we’re facing, it’s his call – always. He’ll ask my advice along the way but I...

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