November 2012

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Recent articles on Bill C-399: The Volunteer Tax Credit, have provoked an old debate on volunteerism and altruism. For example, Charity Village posed this question to its readers in the article NDP MP proposes tax credit for volunteersDoes it make sense for taxpayers to pay for volunteerism or does volunteerism itself imply an altruistic, non-monetary activity that needs no material reward? 

Volunteerism is not altruistic. There, I said it.

People have motivations for volunteering. They are unique to each individual and come in the form of a desire to socialize; learn something new; gain a...

Successful leaders don’t focus on their own brilliance; they seek out and cultivate brilliance from those around them. Successful leaders don’t believe they have all the right expertise and answers; they proactively invite a variety of perspectives so they can make the best decisions.

I’m paraphrasing the words of Fierce, Inc. President & CEO Halley Bock, as she spoke to a crowd of 135 not-for-profit leaders at Vantage Point’s Leaders Forum. The event focused on personal leadership and the importance of conversations in building strong relationships.

The message above caused me to wonder...

Have you ever left a workshop energized by new ideas, and returned to the office only to be immediately consumed with business as usual? Do you ever wonder why your board members or leadership team aren’t equally excited about your new suggestions and ideas? 

If so, you’re not alone. 

At Vantage Point, we’re offering an increasing number of shared learning opportunities for executives, board members and leadership staff to attend together. At the end of most of our Governance Lab sessions I’ll see a few executive directors and board members linger in the training room, deeply engaged in...

If you’ve ever attended a board governance learning opportunity with Vantage Point you’re probably familiar with the “hats” analogy.

Board members are often called on to wear many “hats” in an organization. This can result in some murky territory when it comes to who is accountable to whom.

So, which hat when?

 When board members are governing the organization they wear their “board hat”. They are accountable to the Chair of the Board and the community. On the other hand, when they take an operational role, it’s important they take off their “board hat” and put on a different one. In this new...

In my experience, absolutely.

In the recent post Are Volunteers actually Mythical Creatures? Colleen Kelly debunks the myth that volunteers are not accountable. In Monday’s Abundant Not-for-Profit webinar we raised this myth again, and 38% of participants said in their experience volunteers are not accountable. One webinar participant who did not buy into this myth shared this insight: “I believe that volunteers are accountable, but in my experience they are not held accountable”.

I lead a team of more than 40 volunteers (knowledge philanthropists) who each hold significant responsibility. If...

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