April 2013

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Maria Turnbull's reflections on the legacy of Vantage Point’s recently retired Executive Director, Colleen Kelly, at last night’s 69th Annual General Meeting.

My daily water taxi commute from Bowen Island is a wonderful opportunity to think and reflect. Rather than scroll through email, I gaze across English Bay and allow my thoughts to wander. Not surprisingly, water images and metaphors have been on my mind in the weeks leading up to our 69th Annual General Meeting. Today, I invite you to join me and gaze at that blue sky reflection.

Each year in the life of a not-for-profit organization...

This blog post is the first in a series of success stories featured in our 2012 Annual Report.

I wanted to take my work and our organization to the next level,” says Bruce Passmore, Executive Director, Leave Out Violence (LOVE BC), of joining Executive Lab in March 2012.

Right from the first session, the program had an impact on Bruce and his relationship with his board of directors.

"I used to meet the board chair once or twice a year outside board meetings. Now we connect at least once a month, if not every few weeks, to exchange ideas and check in about the organization’s direction. I have...

I’ve been on a mission for the past few months to “date” a not-for-profit organization and explore a possible “long term relationship”. Eventually, I’d like to join a board of directors, but first I’m looking for a short-term volunteer project that will allow me to get to know the organization’s culture and values.

I have reached out to four organizations and let them know my short and long term plans. Each has offered me a role on a committee with a one to two year commitment. I’ve politely declined all their offers.

I believe many people, like me, want to contribute to your organization. And...

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