July 2013

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In April 2013, Vantage Point launched the search for our next executive director. Follow this blog series to learn about our recruitment process and discover tips for leading a process of your own. This post is the second of two on a salaried employee’s perspective.

In my last post about our executive transition, I wrote about how things feel somewhat the same at Vantage Point since our Executive Director, Colleen Kelly left the organization 12 weeks ago and how this is a sure sign of strong leadership.

That said, things do feel slightly different. There is a new energy in the organization...

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll likely know that our board of directors is currently on an exciting journey to fill the permanent executive director (ED) position here at Vantage Point.

As our board member Nancy More outlined in a previous blog post, the process of recruiting a new executive director is complex. After our previous executive director, Colleen Kelly, began handing over the reins in February, our board required time and space to plan how to truly set the organization up for success. And in the meantime, they had to determine how to best staff the executive position...


So, you’ve read The Abundant Not-for-Profit.

Or you've read this blog. Or participated in a Vantage Point learning opportunity. Or perhaps talked with one of our team members.

If so, you’ve likely heard us wax lyrical about people engagement. You’ve probably heard the term “knowledge philanthropy”. Or a "people lens" culture.

We hope you’re intrigued by the concept of an abundant not-for-profit.

If you’ve considered these ideas – and especially if you’ve tried to put them into action – there’s a good chance you have questions. Many, many questions.

So go ahead and ask... We would love to hear...

This spring, we have grown our mission delivery through a number of exciting new partnerships and the release of The Abundant Not-for-Profit. We are now delighted to introduce Piya Banerjee as Vantage Point’s new Program Manager.

A graduate from the University of Washington Foster School of Business, Piya brings a breadth of experience and passion for enhancing the impact of mission-based organizations. She will work with a talent team of employees and knowledge philanthropists to oversee the successful delivery of our advanced programs, customized board governance sessions and communications...

In a recent Nonprofit Quarterly article, Mike Burns asked, “What if Nonprofit CEOs were the Board Chairs?”

We loved this question.

Burns argues CEOs could lead more effective, mission-focused boards of directors by filling the role of chair themselves. His proposal is thought-provoking, and also raises its own host of issues.

The controversy surrounding this article sparked lots of lively conversation around the Vantage Point office, and ultimately we decided to dissect the notion together as a group. After some conversation at our Monday team meeting, we reached a conclusion that drove to the...

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