January 2014

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Self-knowledge is key to being a good leader.

This means having an accurate understanding of your values and motivations, your natural strengths, your effect on others and your opportunities for improvement. A high level of self-awareness enables you to build deeper relationships with others and more effectively bring out the best in your team.

It is also important to have similar knowledge about the individuals on your team. Do you really understand their strengths and motivations? Do you ever wonder why sometimes your team is clicking, while other times working together seems frustrating...


Thanks to the professional coach I work with, I’m often looking for leadership and organizational development lessons from unlikely sources. It turns out that a toy, a Polly Pocket race track to be specific, provided me with a unique lesson in the importance of building open and flexible structures where people actually co-create, innovate and truly engage in the mission of the organization.

A week ago my 3 year old was out-of-this-world-excited because he’d found a race track at our local thrift store. The photo showed a complete loop-de-loop AND a mechanized conveyor belt that transports the...

January is almost over and my 2014 goals are written (that’s the first stage of success right?). I have to be honest - I have a love/hate relationship with goals. I like that goals provide me with clarity and focus. When I achieve them I feel great. Yet most of the time they hang over my head all year, feeling like a to-do list.

This year I found a new tactic. After my first draft of SMART goals I wasn’t feeling like I had hit the mark. Until I was encouraged to picture how things would be different after I achieve my goals.

Great goals have the potential to energize and inspire. Thinking...


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