April 2014

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The recent media coverage surrounding Portland Hotel Society has spread from concern for the organization to reflect a wider loss of confidence in the not-for-profit sector as a whole. There is a growing sentiment in media and the public that charitable boards and management are not effective.  At Vantage Point, we’re alarmed to hear the general public questioning if they should contribute their time as board members or their money as donors to charitable organizations.

There are more than 28,000 not-for-profits across British Columbia, and each one is led by a volunteer board of directors. Not...

In my last post, Our sector requires investment in effective board governance, I spoke about the importance of investing in leadership and board development to strengthen the not-for-profit sector.

Continuing on the idea that governance can only be effective when board members are engaged, informed, and educated, here are a few tangible ways you as a board member, or as a leader working with boards, can significantly increase your governance capacity. 

Be informed.

As a board member: Thoroughly prepare for each board meeting. Read all reports provided and ask for clarification BEFORE the...

“Martha has an infectious energy and is a joy to be around. She has an amazing ability to draw the best out of people, and challenge their thinking in a creative way.”

Martha Sales is an Executive Coach who first brought her time and talent to Vantage Point’s Executive Lab in 2012, providing coaching and development to the team of seasoned executive director mentors. Coming to us via referral from another knowledge philanthropist, Martha joined Vantage Point because it offered her the opportunity to connect her values of volunteering, community building and leadership development.

Since then...

“Meetings with Glen always involved lots of laughs, and often, Timbits. Glen is a fantastic combination of creativity, strategic thinking and marketing acumen. We’re so lucky to have someone so talented and dynamic as part of our team.”

Glen Jessup has spent the past 10 years as “Head Marketing Guy” (and official taster!) for Sleeman Breweries. Having recently taken a career break to focus on personal development, including a search for a volunteer opportunity, Glen landed at Vantage Point from a simple Google search.

When Glen approached us with his skill set, Vantage Point was about to...

“Charlene is thoughtful, and has a solid understanding of the not-for-profit sector.  Her passion for collaborative environments and ability to synthesize complex information are what excite me most about welcoming her to our team of facilitators.”

When Charlene Dy Syyong stumbled across the role description for Vantage Point’s Customized Board Governance Facilitator, she couldn’t believe a volunteer position could encapsulate so many of her favourite things. “I have personal expertise in board governance and I really feel I come alive when I facilitate. I wanted to do more facilitation and...

“Cheryle is an incredible facilitator who can skillfully bring out enriched discussion from the group. Her extensive experience in the sector, her passion and her genuine curiosity really set her apart.”

Cheryle Beaumont first brought her time and talent to Vantage Point’s Governance Lab in 2012, after a long career in public education. Joining us as the facilitator for Governance Lab, Cheryle advised on the program’s content and approach, delivered the program curriculum and facilitated the shared learning experience among executive directors, board chairs and vice chairs. When asked why she...

I sometimes think of leaders as atoms, randomly bumping into each other, unaware of the energy and impact we create each time we make a connection. Each decision and action we make produces a reaction, and only a small number of these will multiply to create tangible change. Yet, if we are intentional - if we choose to work together - we can turn this random energy into real impact.

What I have learned this year at Vantage Point is the power of intentional impact, and how that impact is magnified when we work collectively. Nowhere has this been more apparent than in my interactions with Shawn...

Over the past seven months Vantage Point led two projects commissioned by the Labour Market Partnership’s Step Up BC. These included succession management consultation sessions, human resources roundtables and establishing mentoring relationships among not-for-profit professionals. This blog shares a few lessons learned from the experience.

Having recently moved to Vancouver from the snowy eastern half of Canada to work on the StepUp BC projects, I was thrilled to be able to connect with senior leaders across BC’s not-for-profit sector, from Port Alberni to Cranbrook to Fort St. John and...

Leader: Howard Jang

Organization: Outgoing CEO, Arts Club

Tenure: 14 years

Leadership or life motto:  Structure follows strategy

Upcoming projects/challenges:  After 14 years with the Arts Club, Howard Jang will take on a new challenge, joining the SFU Faculty of Contemporary Arts as Professor of Professional Practice and Director of the SFU Woodward’s Cultural Unit.  A chance to develop a Creative Entrepreneurship Program and support the Engaged Community approach of SFU through the arts.


When Howard Jang and I had lunch, he had recently returned from an invigorating and inspiring trip to...


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