May 2014

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Hiring a new person into your organization changes their life and the dynamic of your team as well. Making the wrong hire is a costly decision on so many fronts – from the personal impact on the person and on your team, to the time and financial costs of recruitment. 

Not-for-profit organizations have the added challenge of fluctuating budgets – sometimes hiring quickly when funding is available, and other times having to reduce employee headcount when funding goes down. 

As a leader in your organization, you need to make every hire count, know exactly what you are looking for, and connect the...

Vantage Point is now among a select group of Canadian organizations to be accredited by Imagine Canada, the national umbrella for charities and not-for-profits.

In my last post, “Considering the Imagine Canada Standards Program?, I shared with you my experiences and lessons learned when working as a knowledge philanthropist with Vantage Point during their Imagine Canada Standards application process. 


So you have gone through the Imagine Standards process (or another quality assurance process) and you think: “Phew! That’s it for another year, until we have to do our compliance report (or...

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To support not-for-profits through the economic impacts of COVID-19, we are offering our membership for free for a limited time.

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