August 2014

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Imagine if we could harness ALL the passion and talent of people in our city and put it to work for our shared causes. It would be a game-changer. Watch my keynote speech from NetSquared Vancouver's Digital Non-Profit Conference to hear real-life examples of how organizations are dreaming, scheming and working to create the future we all want.

I'd like to begin by recognizing what we have in common.

Everyone in this room is working to create positive change. Some of you are connecting and inspiring people through the arts, others through sports and recreation. You are increasing food security...


Deb Bryant describes herself as a community activist and a change maker. Spend any time with her and you can see her passion – for a civil society, for the not-for-profit sector, and for the value that neighbourhood houses bring to our communities. Just a few weeks into her new role as CEO of the Association of Neighbourhood Houses of BC, Deb says she has pretty much the best job in the province. 

Deb has a Masters in Leadership from Royal Roads University. Working for most of her career in the not-for-profit sector has given a big picture perspective on where improvements and progress can be...

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