January 2015

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This September, the Vantage Point board of directors unanimously approved our 2015-2017 strategic plan and 2015 operational plan with incredible ease.  It hasn’t always been that way! The relatively brief approval process this year was due to greater alignment between the board and staff thanks to a robust strategic planning process we engaged in between May and July.    

That alignment was the most significant indicator (so far!) of the value we have gained from the time and effort we invested in our planning process. 

One of the key things we learned from this process is the importance of everyone...


Leila is an ebullient and engaging personality, honest and direct. We had an enjoyable lunch where I learned about her childhood and the seeds of her entrepreneurial spirit. 

She grew up in Capetown, South Africa where, in the 1950’s, her aunt and mother founded the well-known Maynardville Park Open Air Theatre. Leila inherited their can-do attitude, sheer resilience, and marketing flair.  

Leila assumes every challenge can be overcome and she draws on her energy and stubborn nature to achieve it. She knows when something must be done, and goes ahead and does it regardless if she has done it...

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