February 2016

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From our Vantage Point podcast - is a monthly podcast that shares expert perspectives and practical approaches to tackling common topics and concerns in not-for-profit governance and management.

Gordon Holley, CEO of Humanity Financial Management joins me this month to contribute to Imagine Canada’s national efforts to put the “overhead myth” to rest. Gordon highlights recent studies that indicate strong investment in overhead will drive greater positive change in our communities. These studies directly contradict the perspective that many funders and donors continue to have that organizations should seek to spend less on overhead and more on programs and projects. Gordon offers key tips on what we can each do as leaders in the sector to end the overhead myth, once and for all!


Michael Anhorn is a warm person with a reputation for collaboration and sharing. He grew up in Penzance, Saskatchewan, a small farming community, and realized early on that a career as a farmer was not for him. After university, Michael began a Masters of Divinity at Queens Theological College, but did not complete it. Instead, he realized he could fight for the causes that he is passionate about – social justice, inclusion, and social housing – within the not-for-profit sector. Over the years, Michael has held a variety of roles in government and the not-for-profit sector, giving him a broad...

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