August 2016

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From our Vantage Point podcast - is a monthly podcast that shares expert perspectives and practical approaches to tackling common topics and concerns in not-for-profit governance and management.

In this month’s podcast we consider the topic: In-Camera Board Meetings: who, what, why, how? With the drive towards increasing transparency in the governance realm, the use of in-camera board meetings is a hot topic. Shawn Mitchell, expert in not-for-profit governance and leadership, joins me to share his thoughts on how to employ in-camera board meetings to strengthen organizational governance. Shawn is the Executive Director for the Vancouver Botanical Gardens Association, and a three-term member of the board of MEC, where he also chairs the governance committee.

When I joined Vantage Point 10 years ago, overly pessimistic alarm-bells were ringing with stark projections of a not-for-profit leadership “gap” due to a mass exodus of senior leaders. With Baby Boomers redefining “normal” retirement age and exiting at a slower rate than anticipated, not-for-profits are demonstrating a more abundant reality, finding new leaders quickly and effectively, both developing from within and attracting from other sectors...

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