January 2019

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Start your 2019 with some fantastic not-for-profit resources!


It’s the New Year and here at the Vantage Point office we are ready take on 2019! I’d like to share some of our top resources that can support you in to have a dazzling and productive year ahead.

1. Annual Goal Setting & Development (downloadable resource)

It’s the time of year that everyone is making shiny new goals. We sure are! In January each Vantage Point team member creates on their goals for the year and comes up with an action plan. Use this resource as a starting point and modify it to suit the needs of your organization! Also consider planning out one or two stretch assignments...


In the last blog in our not-for-profit technology series, we took a look at finding right tools for your organization. It’s always best to ask as many questions as possible to your technology vendors, to make sure you feel comfortable. Once you find the right tool – here comes the fun part. Finding the budget for it.

Be Realistic

When you start setting a budget for your technology purchase, it’s important to be realistic. If you have the benefit of historical perspective, take a look at similar purchases in the past. Look at some of the biggest purchases that your organization has made, and...

From our Vantage Point: Podcast for not-for-profit leaders, board members, managers and staff

This month, Director and Founder of Intercultural Strategies, Jessie Sutherland, brings forward thoughtful practices for creating belonging and unity on our boards and in our organizations. Jessie uses the Belonging Lens theory discussed in her TEDx talk to explore strategic ways we can transform polarized positions on boards to create deeper unity through a sense of belonging.

You can follow Jessie Sutherland at @WorldviewSkills and learn more about Intercultural Strategies and check out Jessie’s TEDx talk here.


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