September 2020

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BC Budget Consultation Report

In this bulletin, we review of the report on the Budget 2021 Consultation and its implications for BC's not-for-profit sector.

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Maria speaks to enhancing organizational capacity to encorporate equity & inclusion values and practices, and welcomes Dorla Tune to the team in this blog.

What is the JEDI Peer Network?


The JEDI (Justice, Equity, Decolonization, and Inclusion) Peer Network is a group that will gather to review, discuss, and share current and new approaches that improve or augment justice, equity, decolonization, and inclusion (JEDI) in BC’s not-for-profit sector.

This group will take an intersectional approach and invite participants into this group who identify or work with BIPOC, LGBTQ+ leaders, and people with disabilities.

The Peer Network has three objectives:

  • To identify the nature and scope of challenges related to JEDI in BC’s not-for-profit...
Please explain your interest in advancing justice, equity, decolonization, and inclusion in the not-for-profit sector, particularly in the areas of leadership in the workforce and on boards. (one to two paragraphs suggested)
Drawing from your own experience in the not-for-profit sector thus far, what are the JEDI issues that should be addressed in this sector? (one to two paragraphs suggested)
How does your current and past work demonstrate your interest in improving justice, equity, decolonization, and inclusion in the sector? (one to two paragraphs suggested)
Do you have any barriers to participation that you would like us to know about and/or ways that we could support your participation in this peer network? Please note that barriers will not lower your chance of acceptance, but allows us to understand what supports will be needed. (one to two paragraphs suggested)

The City of Vancouver bursary is a full-tuition bursary (valued at $1,500). The bursary includes all course materials, workbooks, and a light dinner (not application for virtual series).

Social Policy City of Vancouver grantees are eligible to apply for the limited bursary spots in each Vantage Point Lab. Please note that Arts & Culture City of Vancouver grantees are not eligible for lab bursaries at this time.

Please note:

  • The application process for advanced labs is competitive, and candidates should put their best foot forward when filling out the application form.
  • Submitting an...
(eg. Board Chair)
(up to 500 words)
Free Membership Available
To support not-for-profits through the economic impacts of COVID-19, we are offering our membership for free for a limited time.

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