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An organization’s records and information are among its most valuable assets. Caring for them in...

Vantage Point congratulates Niki Sharma on being appointed Parlimentary Secretary for Community Development and Non-Profits and pledges its support for unleashing the potential of charities and not-for-profits in BC’s recovery

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This blog was originally posted on the Manning Elliott website, and written by Patrick Chan and Brandon Kelley.

Within Part III of the Handbook - Accounting Standards for Not-for-Profit Organizations, Section 4410 provides guidance on revenue recognition for contributions which are non-reciprocal transfers to an NPO, the most common example being government funding.

Contributions are Classified Into Three Different Types

i) Restricted Contributions

Externally imposed stipulations that specify how the resources or assets must be used.

ii) Endowment Contributions

Externally imposed stipulations...

BC Budget Consultation Report

A summary of Vantage Point's submission to the Select Standing Committee of Finance and Government Services for the BC 2021 Budget.

BC Budget Consultation Report

A description of the new, temporary response program for not-for-profits in BC facing challenges due to COVID-19.

BC Budget Consultation Report



Keeping our workplaces and communities safe...

On the heels of our recent bulletin regarding COVID-19, we want to provide a more in-depth resource guide for BC not-for-profits. For context, we were fortunate to have an online discussion in one of our working groups, “Decent Work in the Sector”, where we talked about the many ways in which this virus affects us in the workplace, specifically in not-for-profits – especially with anxieties looming around reliable funding.

We really appreciated being able to convene and connect over video chat, and just share concerns and strategize together on...

BC Budget Consultation Report

*This bulletin, originally published March 13, 2020, was last edited on March 18, 2020.

Dear Reader,

As Vantage Point is a space primarily used for convening and group learning, we want to reach out to you amidst the most recent updates on COVID-19. We understand there are a lot of mixed feelings about this outbreak. The bottom line is we want to make sure everyone is - and feels - safe, so we have begun important conversations with our Staff and Board to determine our plans for the coming months.

As of March 16, 2020, a few workshops and labs have been cancelled while others will be offered...

When not-for-profits in BC work together to uplift each other, we make the sector better as a whole.

As Mark Friesen wraps up his 6-year Vantage Point career to move on to his next exciting adventure, Omar Dominguez steps into his new role of Government Relations and Sector Development. Together, they summarize the broad scope of - and vision for - Vantage Point's efforts in BCs not-for-profit sector.

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As a not-for-profit organization with a history spanning over seven decades, Vantage Point has experienced many transitions over the years. Our most significant change was from a volunteer centre to a capacity-building focus for not-for-profit organizations. Throughout each adaptation, we have maintained an ongoing focus of supporting the not-for-profit sector.

We love working one-on-one with our clients - the people behind not-for-profit organizations throughout the province. In the process we have learned about many common challenges the sector faces.

We have realized a key dimension to...


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