5 Reasons to do Leadership Development with your Not-For-Profit Team

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5 Reasons to do Leadership Development with your Not-For-Profit Team


Let’s face it – you and the rest of your staff are rock stars.

If you’re anything like most not-for-profits in BC, you deliver an incredible array of programs and services relative to the resources at your disposal. In this environment not-for-profit staff teams excel at program delivery, partnerships, and adjusting the services they provide to the community on a regular basis.

This strength, however, can also present a challenge. When does your staff team have an opportunity to develop their personal leadership skills? Or foster deeper connections and meaningful relationships with each other? Paired with an understanding of individual leadership competencies, a united effort to explore the dynamics on your team can have an incredible impact on staff engagement and organizational performance.

Here are 5 reasons why the time is right to do Leadership Development with your team:

  1. Tailor solutions specific to your unique strategies, culture and people. By doing leadership development as a team, you can co-create strategies that fit for your organization right now, rather than adopt generic “best practices” that worked for some group some place else.
  2. Train multiple team members at one time. When one or two people return from training, they are often frustrated that others do not understand or appreciate the new perspectives or approaches they’ve been exposed to. Avoid this by getting everyone together at the same time!
  3. Focus on real-life examples from your organization. When teams explore leadership together they can discuss and contemplate examples that are directly pertinent to the work of your organization. The impact this has on staff teams is tangible.
  4. Develop your team through a unique learning experience. Undergoing leadership training and development as a team has a dual advantage – it also serves as team building!
  5. Tackle difficult topics through open discussions. Are there challenging situations or issues on your staff team that no one has the time or capacity to address? This is an opportunity to bring up the tough issues with the guidance and support of an expert facilitator.

What do you do to craft leadership development in your work or within your organization?


If any of these resonate with you give me a call – we can design a one, two or three-day leadership development program customized for your team.


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