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Today we have a new blog. You may not have noticed – the cosmetic changes are slight - but the back-end structure allows for knowledge sharing that is more tailored for the audience (that’s you!). Our new blog is an example of the overflowing cup of knowledge philanthropists eager to lend their time and talent to an organization just like yours. 

You see, the real story here isn’t our new blog. It’s that proactively searching for volunteer talent sometimes results in more expertise streaming your way than you thought possible. 

Five months ago Sandy Sethi responded to our Blog Design Dynamo posting on  The position description focused on blog strategy and social media experience. Sandy works for an IT company that develops blogs and social media applications AND his key expertise is as a business analyst and program developer. In the end, Sandy worked with us to identify the business goals we wanted to achieve with our blog; he made recommendations on structure and technology that would allow us to achieve those goals; and when the recommendations were approved, Sandy applied his web developer experience to complete the changes. All as a member of our external talent team

What talent would you like to engage in your organization today? Vantage Point’s feature tool for July focuses on creating a clear and engaging Volunteer Position Description. Before you begin any recruitment process, the first step is a clear description of the skills, experience and expected deliverables you require for each role. Position descriptions improve your chances that the right volunteer with the right skills will apply. 

Or you may be exceptionally lucky, like us, and find that the right volunteer brings an abundance of the right skills to your organization.  

PS – Don’t forget to sign-up to receive updated blog posts right to your inbox. A new feature thanks to Sandy! 

About the Author

Annastasia Forst contributed her creative and analytic work ethic (not an oxymoron) to Vantage Point as a past Director of Learning. She is passionate about working with many talented knowledge philanthropists to develop, deliver and evaluate Vantage Point’s board and executive leadership...
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