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KC has recently joined Vantage Point on a part-time basis to steward our Advanced Learning Opportunities 

When I began my contract with Vantage Point I knew part of my role would be to coordinate and manage our advanced learning portfolio.  I never expected to learn and be inspired right along with all of the participants! Sitting beside the leaders in our programs allows me to be part of their a-ha moments - AND have a few of my own.  My fifteen-year career in various not-for-profit organizations flashes in front of my eyes during every session of every program.  I am shocked by what I see.

Most days I was swimming upstream in a dysfunctional governance structure, trying to action an ineffective strategic plan and struggling with lack of significant people engagement. Now don’t get me wrong. That didn’t make any of the folks I worked with any less passionate or optimistic.  Yet how much more effective the passion and optimism could have been if I knew then what I know now!

In my experience, learning and development often appeared - on paper - to be a priority. Yet it actually never happened.  This budget line item always seemed to be the first trimmed (or deleted) during budget cuts.  Leaders bragged about dedication to employee development, and ultimately never spent one cent.  Nor did they examine all the ways of people development that are not expensive: the coaches and mentors who could contribute their time and talent happily, the experts who freely offer their IT or marketing or facilitation skills. This disconnect always rubbed me the wrong way.

How wonderful it would have been to have such a-ha moments during my time in senior management. How much more effective I could have been at delivering important missions.  Things could have looked very different. Like many, I did not know what I did not know.

Perhaps that is why I now feel so inspired to witness the amazing possibilities that come to leaders who are delivering their missions in a different and much more effective way!

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To support not-for-profits through the economic impacts of COVID-19, we are offering our membership for free for a limited time.

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