Are the Abundant Not-for-Profits Out There?

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Book: The Abundant Not-for-Profit

We know there are many stories of organizations that have adopted a business model that recruits people to be volunteers – and then focuses on their knowledge, skills and experience. They recruit volunteer “heads.” We know these organizations understand the high value they gain as they hire exceptional consultants they can pay with meaning, rather than money.  At Vantage Point we are always excited to hear, and then tell, those stories.

You can build an abundant not-for-profit in many different ways. The first ingredient is always realizing people are passionate about your cause and are anxious to give you their talent.

Wellspring Calgary is an extraordinary example of the path to not-for-profit abundance. In only five years, it has evolved from the dream of a passionate few to a well-established, flourishing organization.

How did they do it?  The first step was recognizing the community as a tremendous pool of potential talent. From there, Executive Director Patti Morris and her team transformed how talented people could contribute to Wellspring Calgary; ultimately building one integrated workforce.

We’ve included the story of Wellspring in our upcoming book, The Abundant Not-for-Profit.  To receive a copy of the story, email with Wellspring Story in the subject line. You’ll also be added to our book interest list, and receive exclusive content and discounts. 

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