The Book: What’s It All About?

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Last week more than 100 people cast their vote for their favorite title for our upcoming book (thank you!). You weighed in with such positive feedback and told us you appreciated being asked.

But like the lyrics of the classic Dionne Warwick song Alfie, many of you told us you’re still wondering “what’s it all about when you sort it out?”

The Book is about your organization REALLY recognizing the whole community as your potential workforce. It is about intentionally focusing on your people first (before money, before clients/customers, before stakeholders). Many very knowledgeable and skilled people are eager to lend their talent to your organization’s cause, if you have a culture that welcomes them. We call these talented people knowledge philanthropists. They will joyfully give you their time AND knowledge because they have love and passion for your cause. Like my favorite lyric goes: “I believe in love, Alfie.” That is where it all begins. That IS what it is all about.

So, “how do we sort it out, Alfie?”

The Book outlines five broad areas of focus for your organization, as you begin to welcome the whole community as your workforce. These are the (current) titles of the five “How-To” chapters:

  1. Build a People Culture
  2. Plan for the Future
  3. Educate the Board
  4. Ensure Excellent People Processes
  5. Focus on Leader Competencies

We know these five “buckets” are important in all strong organizations. And, when combined with our unique approach, they can create abundant not-for-profit organizations.

Now we wonder what content you would most like highlighted in each. What would you most want to know about each chapter? What do you see as our unique perspective in each area? Do you think we are missing a broad area essential to building a talent-inclusive organization? Do you have a story to share that would highlight any one of these areas?

Leave a comment or drop us a line at

PS – The Book is almost named, so stay tuned for our next BOOK blog post when we announce the title!

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