Bowling Alone? Introducing The Abundant Not-for-Profit

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People are abandoning community.

Today’s generation is apathetic.

Volunteerism is dead.

There. We said it. Now do we have your attention?

We’ve all heard the same news: Charities are in trouble. People are disengaged. Volunteering is on the decline. Sponsorship and grant money is disappearing. Bowling alleys are empty.

We don’t agree. Well, at least on the people part. And people are our thing.

Here’s a thought: What if we told you it isn’t that people are abandoning community. It’s that community is abandoning people.

Visit any online or social media group and you’ll see hundreds – even thousands – of people are craving connection. Go to any religious service and you’ll see people are hungry for meaning. There are indicators all around us that the thirst for community connection is on the rise. We have kajillions of examples of how there are many people in our communities who want to share their time, talent, energy and passion.

So what could be different?


You’ve just read an excerpt from the introduction to our new book. 

The Abundant Not-for-Profit will be released in early February.  To receive a full sneak peek of the introduction, email with Abundant Introduction in the subject line.  You’ll also be added to our book interest list, and receive exclusive content and discounts. 

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