How we can better work with the incredible talent in our community?

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Knowledge Philanthropy Spotlight
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In the not-for-profit sector, there is always more to do than time to do it. As an Executive Director of a small not-for-profit, I knew my knowledge was a mile wide yet also an inch deep.

There was an expectation that I was a Jack (or Jill) of all trades. That I knew how to do everything – marketing strategy! Yes! Fund development strategy! Yes! Policies! Procedures! Human Resources! Yes, yes, yes! None of which I was an expert in. 

This is where my deep love for knowledge philanthropy comes in and has carried forward to my role here. If human resources is not your expertise, recruit a professional that can volunteer their time in that role. Unsure on how to record a podcast? Search for an audio recording expert eager to give back to their community. Every day I ask the question: “is there a way we can engage a knowledge philanthropist”? or "how we can better work with the incredible talent in our community"?

At Vantage Point, we have infused knowledge philanthropy throughout our organization. We work with talented people who support our administration, marketing, and delivery teams. And they bring many projects out from the “side of our desks” and into execution.

Vantage Point has a handbook for employees working with knowledge philanthropists. It provides the process steps to engage the talent you need and also how to respond when the talent comes to you. Check out the handbook and adapt it for your organization. It gives you a framework to engage the best and the brightest with your organization. We do not have to do it all by ourselves!

About the Author

Dana loves people and always sees the potential in them, which is what excites her most about her role as Engagement Manager. Before her arrival in Vancouver, Dana grew up in Burlington, Ontario then spent 10 years in Toronto before taking up residence in the Kootenays. Dana’s educational...

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