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Last month’s post, Off to the Races, was the first blog (of many to come) for our new book. We have made good progress since then – largely because we have taken a different approach. It won’t be a surprise for those who know us well to hear that this race is actually a team relay! We are very lucky to have both excellent salaried employees and outstanding knowledge philanthropists as part of our relay team. In fact, there are more than 40 people already actively engaged. People are contributing to our Book Task Force, Book Leadership Team, and several Review Crews. A number of people are lending us their specific skills – including design, research, and editing. And leaders are working in organizations in Vancouver, Calgary, Santa Barbara and Texas to test our theories.

Lynda Gerty will be the co-author of the book and she is writing the stories of leaders who are building People Lens organizations. Annastasia Palubiski is editing content and ensuring alignment with program curriculum along the way. Shirley Weir, our long-time Marketing and Communications guru is a member of all our Teams. We regularly run our thoughts past her – and we always feel incredibly energized to listen to her endless flow of amazing ideas. Then we have our Head Coach and Chief Analyst, Juanita Lohmeyer, who has a “cloud view” of the work – and our task master Project Manager, Selma Kuurstra.

And of course there are all the people that have worked with us at Vantage Point over the years. All the salaried people and all the knowledge philanthropists who have worked together to deliver our mission have contributed to this book (and the learning within) in one way or another.

To you, I say: take a little slice of Vantage Point wherever you go, and remember to come back and tell us how our ideas have worked in your world. Like the Hotel California – “you can check out, but you can never leave.”

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I'm looking forward to consulting your blog posts in the weeks and months to come - and excited to be joining you on this journey as part of the taskforce.

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