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This blog post is the third in a series of success stories featured in our 2012 Annual Report.

By Kevin Ronaghan, Vantage Point knowledge philanthropist

 Randy Schaefer’s interest in becoming a knowledge philanthropist grew from his previous experiences in the not-for-profit sector. “Volunteering on boards and in other not-for-profit roles made me aware of how important effective management and stewardship is,” he says. “As a result, I’ve developed the belief that knowledgeable and effective executive directors and board members are essential to achieving the impact each organization intends.”

At Vantage Point, Randy saw the perfect opportunity to put his beliefs into action. “Because Vantage Point is committed to building not-for-profit leadership and organizational capacity, I felt I could make my greatest contribution to the sector by lending a hand toward fulfilling their mission.”

Randy’s involvement began in January 2011, when he became a facilitator of Leaders Lab. He will soon wrap up his 5th and 6th cohorts, and takes much satisfaction from the experience. “I am proud to be part of building a successful reputation for Leaders Lab since its inception two years ago,” he says. In 2012, Leaders Lab offered 60 executives, board members and senior staff in British Columbia the opportunity to build their knowledge of sound not-for-profit management practices in a dynamic, team learning environment.

Randy’s role with Vantage Point has since expanded beyond facilitation to include other facets of his expertise, including strategic planning. “I have been involved in developing and launching a consulting offering which equips organizations to renew their strategic plan or develop a new one,” he explains. “I’ve also served as a strategic planning content expert for two Leaders Lab cohorts.”

Randy sees a clear connection between his past work experience and his role as a knowledge philanthropist. “I am retired from a career working in the forest products industry, where I contributed my talents to building organizational effectiveness, transformational change, leadership and employee development. I see definite parallels between those activities and my efforts on behalf of Vantage Point.”

For Randy, the rewards are two-fold.  “I really enjoy hearing from clients about how our work impacts them. I’m also very excited to see the growth in demand for Vantage Point’s services based on the excellent reputation they continue to build.”


Leaders Lab is a four month program that creates dynamic team leadership by examining six essential areas of a strong organizational foundation.

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Kara-Leigh (not verified) on

We as SSS can attest to Randy's excellence and dedication to organizational strategic planning. He facilitated ours this year and we are right on track with it and energized for our next 3 years, thanks RANDY and Vantage Point!!

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