Knowledge Philanthropy Spotlight: Charlene Dy Syyong

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Knowledge Philanthropy Spotlight

“Charlene is thoughtful, and has a solid understanding of the not-for-profit sector.  Her passion for collaborative environments and ability to synthesize complex information are what excite me most about welcoming her to our team of facilitators.”

When Charlene Dy Syyong stumbled across the role description for Vantage Point’s Customized Board Governance Facilitator, she couldn’t believe a volunteer position could encapsulate so many of her favourite things. “I have personal expertise in board governance and I really feel I come alive when I facilitate. I wanted to do more facilitation and this opportunity seemed a good way to sharpen my skills.”

This role is Charlene’s first experience with knowledge philanthropy outside of board service.  What excites her most is the opportunity for skill development and to expand her network in the not-for-profit sector. “Vantage Point bridges sectors in the not-for-profit world. I’m excited to gain a wider perspective on what organizations are doing to enrich our community here in Vancouver.”

Born in Manila, having worked as a journalist in Shanghai, New York and Alabama, chaired a not-for-profit during a time of drastic transition, and served as the Director of Branch Development and Support at CMHA BC Division, Charlene draws on her diversified experience to guide her facilitation and supplement what she believes is already solid content. “The Abundant Not-for-Profit philosophy represents a different way of doing business as usual. I’m eager to help inspire organizations to light the way for a larger paradigm shift.”

Her biggest piece of advice for an organization looking to experiment with knowledge philanthropy? "They key is in figuring out how to make the engagement reciprocal. Understand that as a not-for-profit you have a lot to offer prospective volunteers - be it skill development, access to a network, or satisfying a desire to connect to community. Be confident about the value of what you have to offer."

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