Knowledge Philanthropy Spotlight: Glen Jessup

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Knowledge Philanthropy Spotlight

“Meetings with Glen always involved lots of laughs, and often, Timbits. Glen is a fantastic combination of creativity, strategic thinking and marketing acumen. We’re so lucky to have someone so talented and dynamic as part of our team.”

Glen Jessup has spent the past 10 years as “Head Marketing Guy” (and official taster!) for Sleeman Breweries. Having recently taken a career break to focus on personal development, including a search for a volunteer opportunity, Glen landed at Vantage Point from a simple Google search.

When Glen approached us with his skill set, Vantage Point was about to embark on the creation of our 2014 Marketing Plan – the timing was perfect!

Glen’s approach to developing the marketing plan involved a lot of listening. He took the time to meet one-on-one with many of our team members and encouraged us to envision the future of the organization if we could wave a magic wand. In turn, Glen then guided our team to better understand our customers, our market and potential impact. By the conclusion of the project, Glen had created a high-level branding and marketing plan with concrete recommendations on how to increase our customer engagement and impact.

Having worked many years in a field with very advanced brand development, working with Vantage Point afforded Glen the opportunity to develop the foundation for how our brand will grow in years to come.

When asked why he chose to become involved with Vantage Point, Glen points to an important values alignment. "I believe that organizations are built through the integrity and engagement of the poeple that work with them. I also believe that people gain significant personal satisfaction when they are given the opportunity to contribute, particularly to a goal. My intepretation of the Abundant Not-for-Profit philosophy is captured in these two ideals."

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