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I’m just shy of my 9th anniversary of joining Vantage Point. What a journey I’ve had so far – both personally and professionally. At the beginning of each year, our practice across the organization is for each of us to consider how to further our individual journeys through personal development goal-setting. It’s a time for each team member to reflect on how we each want to invest in ourselves – and how can Vantage Point support us in doing so.

It took me longer than usual to determine my personal development goals this year. Perhaps it’s naturally a challenging task for more 'seasoned' leaders in the sector (one of my team members recently referred to me as such…I had no idea I’d reached that state!). Last week, one of the youngest 'leaders' in my life gave me the nugget I’d been waiting for.

It happened after a sweat-inducing hike on Bowen Island with my two little ones. At the top of Dorman Point, over-looking Howe Sound, my 5 year-old said to me out-of-the-blue: “You know, Mummy, anything is possible”.

He said it with a hint of a challenge in his voice and gave me a bit of a lingering stare. He had me – my attention and my curiosity. How often do I truly feel that anything is possible?  Maybe not as often as I’d like to admit. 

My coach recently asked me: “If my life was my message, what would the message be?” My aspirational answer: live as if everything truly is possible.

Beginning that very moment, at the heights of Dorman Point, I committed to more mindfully make a shift in my practice – both at work and at home. Vantage Point’s vision specifically calls on a spirit of abundance to drive our collective missions. As a more seasoned leader with plenty of aspirational (rather than daunting) goals to achieve each year and many energizing (rather than demanding) responsibilities, I can shift my language and my perspective from scarcity (I’ll never have the time or energy to make a home-cooked meal tonight) to abundance (what a treat take-out sushi will be for everyone!).

If you’re looking to truly shift your own perspective, consider joining us in LeaderShift, an opportunity to invigorate and catalyze Executive Directors and CEOs to lead their organizations with renewed commitment and energy. We can’t wait!

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Maria Turnbull brings over 20 years of leadership experience in staff and director roles within the not-for-profit sector, both here in Canada and in the UK. With a BA in International Relations and MBA, Maria is a skilled facilitator and consultant in board governance, organizational development,...
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