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Elijah van der ..., Community Manager, Netsquared
We’ve all been there… an AMAZING volunteer walks through the front door offering their support. Maybe they’re a professional videographer, or they have a PhD in your issue area, or they’re a marketing expert. So naturally they spend the next day licking envelopes – and then they stop answering your calls, never to return. Managing volunteers is hard, especially when our organizations only offer a limited number of roles for high-skill volunteers. Vantage Point’s Knowledge Philanthropy approach opens the door to project-based contributions from subject matter experts who guide the work. Some roles are more defined, with a standard repeatable workflow. The last thing we want to do is create new roles on the fly because that never results in a strategic outcome. So join me in drawing some diagrams!
From our Vantage Point: Podcast for not-for-profit leaders, board members, managers and staff
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Maria Turnbull, Associate Executive Director
For our very first panel podcast we are joined by: Veronika Bylicki, Co-Founder and Co-Director of CityHive; Vincent Gonsalves Manager, Communications and Engagement of Mobility Pricing; and Brad Roberts, Director of HR at MPA Society, to share their expertise on engagement strategies for the next generation of not-for-profit leaders. Our panelists challenge assumptions and recommend practical insights to leverage the perspective, experience, and technical know-how of today’s emerging leaders.
Join Philip from Keela as he shares three critical steps to move through when determining the best technology for your not-for-profit organization.
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Philip Manzano, Head of Marketing & Communications, Keela
Through a four part blog series with Vantage Point, Keela will be providing insights on how and when to find technology that will have lasting positive impact on your organization. Stay tuned for a new blog on this topic every few months as Philip from Keela provides key insights to make strong decisions on technology for your organization.
BC Employer Health Tax to include exemptions for Charities and Not-for-Profit Organizations with payroll under $1.5 million
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Larissa Hayes, Director, Development
BC Employer Health Tax to include exemptions for Charities and Not-for-Profit Organizations with payroll under $1.5 million. In a notice posted the first week of July 2018, the BC government announced their intention to allow a complete exemption from the Employer Health Tax (EHT) for both not-for-profit organizations and charities with a payroll below $1.5 million. Legislation for the new tax will be put forward in the fall of 2018, and the tax will come into effect January 1, 2019. While the exemption does not apply to all organizations, it includes a majority of the 26,000 not-for-profits and charities in the province from paying the introduced EHT.
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Maria Turnbull, Associate Executive Director
Charities and other not-for-profit organizations are often created to address society’s most persistent challenges (e.g. homelessness, hunger, poverty) – those that neither governments nor for-profits have historically been able to solve. According to the latest research, changing demographics and an aging population, is significantly increasing demand for charitable services while available funding is set to decreasei. Therefore, it is a critically important time to build the capacity of not-for-profit organizations.


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