An Overflowing Cup

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What if not-for-profit leaders embraced the idea that people, more than money, are the key to creating change in our communities? 

This sector is full of leaders who see opportunity all around them. I call them “glass-half-full” kind of people.  Talk to them about their cause and they are passionate, innovative and positive. But begin to talk with about the day-to-day work and these same people sigh and say: “if only we had enough money to do all the things we want to do”. The thing is, we never will. That glass will always be half empty.

What if instead we said, “Ah-ha! We can have enough people to do all the things we want to do”. 

Suddenly we’d see that people, talented and passionate people, are everywhere.   And they WANT to contribute. They really do. We call them knowledge philanthropists and they contribute their talent, skills and expertise without expecting to be paid with money. In fact, most of them ask to be paid with interesting work and clear evidence that their contribution was meaningful to the cause. Sounds like the same things salaried staff want, right?

So, next time a brilliant idea comes your way, ask yourself:  Where could I find the people who can execute this? Who do I know that is passionate about my cause AND has the right skills for this project? 

Suddenly you might find yourself with an overflowing cup.

About the Author

Annastasia Forst contributed her creative and analytic work ethic (not an oxymoron) to Vantage Point as a past Director of Learning. She is passionate about working with many talented knowledge philanthropists to develop, deliver and evaluate Vantage Point’s board and executive leadership...

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