Part Four: Making the Final Tech Decision -- What Steps Should I Take?

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Over the past few months we have been taking some time to unpack the most common challenges and objections not-for-profits face when considering investing in a Customer Relationship Management System ("CRM"). First, we took some times to look at the basics of a CRM. We then explored what a CRM looks like to different members of a not-for-profit team. We looked at all the missed opportunities your organization piles up without a CRM and finally, tackled the fear of losing data by exploring institutional knowledge.

The ultimate question remains: how does all of this convince my organization to invest in a Customer Relationship Management System?

For that, my advice is this: The best CRM is the one your team actually uses. So, plan out exactly what you need and who will be using it with the following steps:

  1. List your organization's specifice needs. Have internal conversations about the needs of each department. Compliment this by completing a technology audit to better understand what tools you already have available to you. Once you have a clear understanding of your organization's needs you will be able to start effective research.
  2. Create a list of fears and objections. Having a better understanding of your team's apprehensions helps you understand the type of solution you are looking for. Your ideal technology solution will be a tool everyone on the team is on board with. If they have legitimate fears and objections which are not addressed, you may not have the proper adoption needed for this tool to be worthwhile.
  3. Point by point, tackle each fear and objection with some of the streategies in our blog series. We have put together some resources to help you work through each of theses steps, including a technology audit and one-page business case. These will help you organize your thoughts. Templates can be downloaded here.

There are tons of resources to help you decide which CRM to choose including many by Vantage Point and not-for-profit software companies like Keela. Want help with your options? Give us a call!

Happy CRM-ing.


Upwards and Onwards,

The Keela Family


About the Author

​Phil is the Head of Marketing and Communications at Keela. He has worked as a communications professional within the sector at many levels: grassroots, local, regional and national. Now, he spends his time telling powerful stories of impact and is devoted to helping nonprofits do good, better.

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