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Did you know we’re writing a book? Tomorrow I share the first draft of chapter one (titled: What is a People Lens?) and two (titled: Why does it Matter?) with 20 people from Vantage Point’s external talent team. I’ve spent a year preparing for this moment – and feel both nervous and excited.

This feeling reminds me of when I was a teen-ager and I spent many hours at the race track with my dad driving his horses. He raised and raced standardbreds in Regina. Over the cold winter months I drove them - Wisp, Tide, and Ricolleen - to name a few. My job was all about preparation. Getting them ready for the summer when Dad would drive them in the races. 

That’s what it feels like now as we ask reviewers to comment on the chapters of the book. Sometimes it seems like all my life has been preparing for this book. With the horses, though, I prepared and then stepped back for Dad to take them to the races. Oh, I got to go along – to Beechy and Melfort and Indian Head – then when I was older even to Assiniboia Downs in Winnipeg. But I never actually had to race the horses. I was a spectator. Not with this book. Now I get to be owner, trainer and driver. Wish my dad were still around so I could talk with him about how scary that is. 

Tomorrow a little piece of our book will race out the doors. And soon, more and more chapters will be shared with more and more people. Including you. We will begin a new blog in the coming months where we will share parts of the book and invite you to comment from your unique perspective. 

Yes, Ladies & Gentlemen, “They’re Off and Racing!” 

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Candy Ho's picture
Candy Ho (not verified) on

Exciting times! Looking forward to participating in the "races".

Colleen's picture
Colleen (not verified) on

We are excited you will be along with us, Candy. You will have a place at the rail right at the finish line. Know you'll be cheering at the top of your voice for Vantage Point!!

Hope to have a chance to read it soon!

Colleen's picture
Colleen (not verified) on

Thanks Andrea - and happy we are officially welcoming you to the team today!



Maria Turnbull's picture
Maria Turnbull (not verified) on

I've got goosebumps (and warm, warm smiles) just reading this blog posting, Colleen! Off to the races, indeed :)

Blaire Peterson's picture
Blaire Peterson (not verified) on

Hi Mom,

Love hearing about your days as a teenager and your reference to Grandpa Archie. Good luck with the book and I look forward to hearing all about the journey and of course reading the final project.

Colleen's picture
Colleen (not verified) on

Thanks Maria - and Blaire -

Really appreciate both of you jumping in. There clearly is a spot for you at the finish line!

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