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If you’ve been following our blog posts, you’ll know we’re writing a book.

Today, we’re seeking your opinion on a few possible titles.

Writing a book is thrilling. And agonizing. Some days we do cartwheels. Others we wonder, “Whose bright idea was this, anyhow?” It’s a significant investment of energy and time, thinking and resources. Proverbial blood, sweat – and yes, a few tears.

So why do it?

Because it’s time to challenge the myth that the only way to get things done in a not-for-profit is to find money to hire more people. It becomes more apparent every day there will never be enough money to create all the solutions our communities require. And yet, there are enough people. There is incredible talent in our communities.

The trouble is, we are so passionate about the causes we champion - so focused on delivering our missions - that all too often we miss out on the talented people who are literally knocking on our front doors, eager to meaningfully contribute.

It’s time to change that.

Our book is a call to action. An invitation to not-for-profit leaders across North America – and beyond. A guide outlining how organizations can thrive by engaging the abundance of talent in our communities.

We have a whole team of people working with us on this project, and have just completed the third (or twenty-third!) draft. We’ll be sharing some tools and concepts with you on this blog in the months ahead; testing our content – and then revising. We know the more we tap your collective wisdom during this process, the better the final version will be.

So – in your mind’s eye, imagine four books on your bookshelf. Which of these titles would most appeal to you? Which one would you pick up and read?

A People Lens
Ignite your mission by transforming how you engage people

Knowledge Philanthropy
A path to abundance for not-for-profit organizations

The Abundant Not-for-Profit
How talent can transform your world

Abundant Talent
How to People-Power Your Organization

Which of these resonate for you? Which don’t? Which words do you love – or hate? How would you tweak your favourite to make it better?

Please share your thoughts below, and vote for your favourite via an online survey.

We hope you'll stay tuned and keep weighing in! We’ll reveal the selected title in an upcoming post. And then ask your opinion on some draft cover designs...

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