Is There A Magic Wand?

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When you examine all the work ahead of you on a major project, wouldn’t it be wonderful to wave a magic wand and have everything completed? So often that is our dream in all the areas where we work... a magic wand. How can you find that wand? Could it ever be that easy?

It is completely logical for us to feel that way as we tackle all the parts of writing our book. There are all the elements of design. We've learned there are differences in design for a print and electronic book, so even more decisions than we ever imagined. There are all the elements around a Style Guide, and so many choices. There are the opinions of all our reviewers, and we are working to incorporate everything reasonable they tell us. The stories in the case studies are compelling and L O N G. It is about making them clear and readable. Wouldn’t it be exciting if we had a magic wand? Then this would all be complete.

Lucky for us, it can be easier.... Do you know how? You find an amazing Project Manager. We have one: Selma Kuurstra. She is in Roswell, Georgia and she keeps our Book Team aligned. Selma created a timeline, and we diligently adhere to it. She checks in with us regularly, and marks everything with a green, amber or red light. We pay close attention. Because Selma has experience in working with companies that write books, she knows what to do more than we do. We found her, or I could also say, she found us at the PM Volunteers website - an online space that matches not-for-profit organizations with Professional Project Managers.

Have you ever worked with a Project Manager? If you haven’t, I highly recommend you investigate the possibility. It may be as close as you ever come to finding a magic wand.

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