Two Dozen Different Colours…

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The first two dozen reviewers have now provided input for the book. Each reviewer has thoughtfully contributed to the writing process, as if adding one colour of paint to a painting. The bold, bright colours told us about thoughts and concepts that hit them between the eyes and really worked. 

The neutral, soft colours told us to be cautious with some parts we were missing, and some parts that could annoy readers. The deep, rich colours told us not to say it quite like that. Or not to say it at all.

So many colours; so many ideas.

We have developed, experimented and lived the people lens concepts for many, many years. It is scary to now test if people understand what we are saying. Many of the twenty-four reviewers told us we still haven’t found the right words to describe it. We think we’re close. Close is not good enough.

So, as we fine tune the words in the next few months, we will post excerpts from the book and invite you to grab a paint brush and add a colour. It can be bright, soft, neutral, or multi-coloured. We will invite you to test the words. Have we described it well? And we will invite you to test the tools we have developed. Do they work for you?

Along the way, as we take in and mix all the colours, we will find amazing clarity!

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