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There are a lot of ways to define a vantage point. Generally, I think of it as a good place to get good perspective. For me, perspective is the blending of fact and intuition – making a vantage point something more than just the best view 

(I’ve got aclear sight of the Twilight 2 cast at my table at Glowbal!), but more of the true view (isn’t most of the cast under the legal drinking age?!).

For Volunteer Vancouver, Vantage Point is our issue-based newsletter, around since 1995. Rather than a typical newsletter announcing events or advertising our services, Vantage Point is a collection of articles by people who know what they’re talking about on issues important to the not-for-profit sector. With the times, Vantage Point has evolved, most notably from a print edition to an e-edition. And that evolution continues today. I am here to introduce you to the Vantage Point blog. My name is Virginia Edelstein, and I will be the primary contributor to this space.

Here I will write about topics that are important to the not-for-profit sector, important to the work Volunteer Vancouver is doing and, honestly, that interest me personally. Just because I can. Oooh – the power! I will invite my colleagues, field experts and almost anyone who can think of something interesting or provocative to say to join me in this space and share their thoughts on the issues.

For now, I’ll end this quasi- introduction with some fast facts for you:

  • I was born in Alabama and have no southern accent.
  • Volunteer Vancouver’s mission is to inspire and build leadership in the voluntary sector.
  • I am 32, with one husband, three dogs and no children. But that’s a whole other blog.
  • Although our name talks about volunteers and Vancouver – we are much more than that. Firstly, our work reaches leaders in the not-for-profit world across North America. Secondly, we spend most of our time working with organizations (not volunteers!) and the ways they involve ALL their people. We believe strong organizations are the foundation of the not-for-profit sector. And we believe it’s people that make them strong.
  • This is my first blogging experience – please read along, comment, and most of all – wish me luck!

Thanks for tuning in,


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Anonymous (not verified) on
Looking forward to visiting this site often! MM
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Anonymous (not verified) on
Looking forward to what you have to say
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Anonymous (not verified) on
this is really really cool! i can't wait to see the topics and learn more.
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