Recruiting fundraising champions to help your not-for-profit organization find funding and build relationships with funders.
In fundraising, as in life, I have learned that different paths may often lead to unexpected and rewarding results. I once met a couple who got lost and ended up on a remote road leading to the...
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Maria Turnbull, Associate Executive Director
Mark Friesen, experienced not-for-profit strategic planner and Consulting Manager with Vantage Point, walks us through key practices to impactfully engage stakeholders during strategic planning. Mark...
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Denise Baker, Executive Director
For some of us The Sound of Music is a favorite treat at this time of year. In many ways, Maria was like an Executive Director – overworked, making clothes out of drapes, running up and down...
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Maria Turnbull, Associate Executive Director
In this month’s podcast, find out how single malt Scotch can teach us a thing or two about designing successful employee engagement surveys.
From our Vantage Point podcast - is a monthly podcast that shares expert perspectives and practical approaches to tackling common topics and concerns in not-for-profit governance and management.
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Maria Turnbull, Associate Executive Director
What a fun year it has been, hosting local experts on a variety of specific topics that YOU have been urging us to offer more resources on. In case you missed these bite-sized learning opportunities...


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