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Maria Turnbull, Associate Executive Director
**Third in a series relating to a recent “experiment” in succession planningI was living in England with my partner at the time when the company he worked for, Crystal Decisions, was acquired by Business Objects, a French enterprise software company. As with any major corporate acquisition we were curious (read: concerned!) what it would mean for his job security and how the culture of the new entity would evolve. 
A few weeks ago, I shared our intention to become laser-focused on our core mission. Since then, we’ve been examining – and questioning – a lot of our sacred cows. Why are we doing what we are doing? Is each activity mission-critical and truly effective? The best use of our human and financial resources? Does it provide unique value to the community?
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Colleen, Executive Director
When you examine all the work ahead of you on a major project, wouldn’t it be wonderful to wave a magic wand and have everything completed? So often that is our dream in all the areas where we work... a magic wand. How can you find that wand? Could it ever be that easy?
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Jennifer, Online Content Specialist
Today's guest post comes to us from Jaime at Fierce, Inc. We are thrilled to welcome Fierce to Vancouver for Leaders Forum 2012, being held October 18 at the SFU Segal Graduate School. Stay tuned for more information. We'll let you know as soon as tickets are on sale.
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Jennifer, Online Content Specialist
As a fairly recent addition to the Vantage Point team, I remember the recruitment process vividly. And naturally, the things that most stumped me at the time are some of the most memorable. During my interview I was asked, “Imagine you bought a bookshelf from IKEA. How would you go about putting it together? What if there were no instructions?”


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