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Annastasia, Director, Learning
If you’ve ever attended a board governance learning opportunity with Vantage Point you’re probably familiar with the “hats” analogy. Board members are often called on to wear many “hats” in an...
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Annastasia, Director, Learning
Have you ever left a workshop energized by new ideas, and returned to the office only to be immediately consumed with business as usual? Do you ever wonder why your board members or leadership team...
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Annastasia, Director, Learning
Successful leaders don’t focus on their own brilliance; they seek out and cultivate brilliance from those around them. Successful leaders don’t believe they have all the right expertise and answers...
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Annastasia, Director, Learning
Recent articles on Bill C-399: The Volunteer Tax Credit, have provoked an old debate on volunteerism and altruism. For example, Charity Village posed this question to its readers in the article
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Maria Turnbull, Associate Executive Director
**Fourth in a series relating to a recent “experiment” in succession planning Mokita = that which everyone knows and no one speaks of. Sure, the white elephant in the room. Right? In my experience we...


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