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Annastasia, Director, Learning
Last week I posted an email from a potential knowledge philanthropist who wanted to volunteer with Vantage Point. I posed the question: What process do you have in place to engage the talents of...
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Annastasia, Director, Learning
Right now, someone with high-level skills and expertise in your community is thinking about volunteering with your organization. When they knock on your door, will you know how to put their talent to...
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Annastasia, Director, Learning
How often does your board take time to reflect, tackle tough questions and engage in creative, blue-sky thinking? Last week one of our facilitators asked a group of board members and executives this...
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Colleen, Executive Director
We are excited to unveil our new graphic that depicts our five major areas of focus. These are the heart and soul of a people lens organization.Thank you to our knowledge philanthropists! We loved...
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Eryn Kelly, Guest Blogger
Today's guest post comes from Eryn Kelly, Calgary Reads Vice Chair.  --I have a rather challenging time when I am asked to describe my ‘work’; usually because when asked to describe work we are asked...


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